The Senior Interactive Designer Job Duties

By | July 1, 2010

The Senior Interactive Designer Duties

As a Senior Interactive Designer it would be your responsibility to support the creative and accounts team in planning, design and development of the work. When it comes to the planning or designing part you will have to work jointly with the Project Manager and the other staffs of the organization. In Developmental aspect you must have the full understanding about the production of interactive work.

Job Duties of the Senior Interactive Designer

Duties of the Senior Interactive Designer are divided into 3 parts.


  • You must work with the Interactive Project Manager and Creative Director to properly organize the interactive strategies and perform successful interactive designs in a collaborative way.
  • Perform together with Group and Associate Creative Directors to develop ideas born of conventional media for use and conversion in digital media.


  • Organize graphic, animation, motion graphic and interface design for interactive projects with Creative Director’s supervision and within the information architecture given by the Interactive Project Manager. Collaborate with the mentor and instruct the Junior Interactive Designer.


  • The Senior Interactive Designer must be competent in some production of interactive work. He should demonstrate the ability to include events and functions to his designs to help the others of the interactive team animate the concept.

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