Telephone Operator Job Duties

By | April 25, 2011

Telephone Operator Duties

Telephones in a company would all be useless if there is no one to answer the call. This is the job for a telephone operator. He works on a sedentary mode most of the times, as he is expected to answer all call; direct all call to other departments and inform staff for some concerns in their work through the telephone. As an operator, he needs to have good communication skill and good public relations in order to promote the company through the telephone conversations he makes with clients and the general public.

Telephone Operator Job Duties

  • Give assistance to the many callers.
  • Show warmth and professionalism in answering the call.
  • Give assistance and provide information that is needed by the callers.
  • Give polite assistance that will direct callers to their right destination.
  • Handle a call with all respect and professionalism even in any cases that needs patience.
  • Follow the rules and regulations in answering calls.
  • Aligned in all the activities that are happening in its company.
  • Knowledgeable in its task for effective conversation.
  • Always give 100% satisfaction by every caller.
  • Keep their transaction recorded at all times.

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