Telemarketing Job Duties

By | January 19, 2012

A Telemarketing executive explains about the products and services being offered by his company to the customers. This interaction is done over the phone. A Telemarketing executive must have good communication skills and should be able to put across his point well. He must also have a thorough knowledge and understanding about the product and services offered by his company.

Telemarketing Job Duties

  • A Telemarketing representative needs to follow the sales pitch prepared by the company officials and deliver it efficiently to the customers.
  • He is required to read the scripts that have a detailed description of various products and services and convince the prospective customers to purchase their products and services.
  • He needs to explain the details about various products and services being offered by his company.
  • A Telemarketing representative needs to give details about the price and features of various products being offered by his company.
  • He must discuss the mode of payment through which the customer can make the payment.
  • He is required to answer the queries and clarify various doubts of the customers.
  • He must take the customer’s details such as his address, name, mode of payment, and enter the order details in the computer.
  • He must maintain a record of the customer’s who have shown interest in his company’s products but would be opting for them in future. Such cases must be followed.
  • He can take references of other prospective customers from his existing clients.
  • He must keep a record of the goods and services sold.
  • A Telemarketing representative must work hard to meet the set targets.

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