Telemarketer Job Duties

By | September 16, 2013

The primary job of a telemarketer is to solicit orders for services or merchandise by contacting customers via telephone call. A telemarketer identifies prospective customers by reading telephone directories or other listings and calls them up through proper telecommunications equipment. A telemarketer then tries to influence the prospective customer to buy a product by giving the necessary product information. Some of the telemarketer job duties are listed below.

Telemarketer Job Duties:

  • A telemarketer delivers a well-prepared sales talk to the customer to sell him on a product or a service. They do this by reading from scripts which provide all necessary information pertinent to the product or service.
  • A telemarketer contacts business organizations or business related private individuals to solicit sales for certain products or services—or to ask them to donate to some charitable cause.
  • A telemarketer explains any information pertaining to the product to the customer—such as the various services offered, warranty and prices.
  • A telemarketer notes down customer information such as name, address and his method of payment and enters his orders into a computer.
  • A telemarketer stays in touch with the prospective customers contacted earlier and informs about the lucrative orders and services, thereby maintaining a clean communicative trail.
  • A telemarketer looks to a diverse number of sources for obtaining prospective customers, ranging from a telephone directory to magazine reply cards to lists obtained from other organizations.
  • A telemarketer may edit and make changes to the sales script to better appeal to his prospective customers.
  • A telemarketer answers calls from customers who might have been solicited via advertisements
  • A telemarketer’s job is not finished at the customer itself. Any correspondence of a successful prospect may be followed up on via telephone or letters.
  • A telemarketer schedules appointments to set up meetings between sales representatives and prospective customers and urges prospects to attend sales presentations.

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