Telecommunications Technician Job Duties

By | January 3, 2012

A telecommunications technician is a person who works for the telecommunications department or section and is responsible for installing and maintaining various types of electronic communications systems and equipments. The job of these technicians involves travel to different parts of the city to perform their job duties. The job of a telecommunications technician involves working on different and new types of electronic set ups. Given below are the job duties of a telecommunications technician:

Telecommunications Technician Job Duties:

  • A telecommunications technician’s job duties involve working on two way mobile systems, microwave point to point systems.
  • A telecommunications technician not only communicates in writing with vendors and customers but also orally so as to address to the customer concerns and queries.
  • His job is to test, install, and repair various forms of electrical wires and cables so as to ensure proper electrical connections and various types of equipments.
  • It is a job duty of a telecommunications technician to install and repair antennas and wiring on the telecommunications towers and vehicles.
  • The job may also include climbing on tower structures and poles for performing the above mentioned job duties.
  • Another job duty is to maintain a log of clients and customers and the services offered to them.
  • A telecommunications technician responds to calls from customers or clients about various types of complaints and provides immediate services.
  • It comes within the job duty of a telecommunications technician to purchase different equipments required for work such as wires etc…

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