Telecommunications Manager Job Duties

By | January 3, 2012

The telecom industry is a very important part of today’s world and any firm which operates in this segment needs proper management. The managers thus assigned should be able to help the firm function smoothly and survive in the competitive market. The industry includes the services which are related to the communication network such as radio and the internet etc.

Telecommunications Manager Job Duties

  • The telecom firm managers are responsible for managing the staff at the lower hierarchical level than him/ her.
  • The manager is responsible for guiding all the employees in the tasks that they have been assigned while also direct them as to the tasks that need to be done.
  • The manager is responsible for passing on all the messages sent form the superiors to the employees who may not be in direct contact which the authorities.
  • The manager is also responsible for bridging the gap between the varied hierarchal levels by linking those at lower level to the superiors.
  • The manager is responsible of checking on all the employees so as to keep track of the activities of all, thus ensuring smooth functioning of the office.
  • The manager is responsible for maintaining the decorum of the office and instill in the employee’s the need to adhere to the rules and regulations of the business.
  • The manager is required to see that the employees are provided with a healthy environment and all the infrastructural items needed to ensure that employees perform to best of their abilities.

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