Telecommunication Project Manager Job Duties

By | August 9, 2010

Telecommunication Project Manager Duties

The basic job duty of a telecommunication project manager is to direct specific projects    or business units for any telecommunication company. The job involves a combination of management, sales, technical expertise and all the financial responsibilities.

Job Duties of a Telecommunication Project Manager


The management job duties in this position involve a lot of review of the project. His major job duty will be to chalk out the project execution plan and will also have to look out for the resources needed for it.
In addition to all these, he will have to manage the daily operations of the project and ensure that it is completed on time. He will have to hire people for the project and give proper training to the recruited staff. He will also create and execute project work plans and also identify the resources needed for the project.


It is the main job duty of the telecommunication project manager to take the final decision on the procedure and the delivery schedule of the project
He will have help the project staff with any issues that may be related to the technical or design issues of the project.

Completing the project within the specified cost is very important as it is the project manager’s duty to see that. He must also see that all invoices are done accurately and to maintain that he must keep a regular supervision on staff reporting time and decrease any unnecessary expenses.

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