Telecom Traffic Analyst Job Duties

By | August 9, 2010

Telecom Traffic Analyst Duties

The basic job duty of a telecom traffic analyst is to provide quality customer service to all the customers of the organization and also the colleagues. The customers here can be divided into two broad categories and it can be internal and external. You will have to provide quality service to all of them and the analyst must be able to take multitask load and prioritize his work duties on a daily basis.

Job Duties of a Telecom Traffic Analyst

  • He will have to provide good quality customer service to all and will have to respond to and answer all incoming calls and emails of the customers and the colleagues.
  • He is needed to process various daily reports accurately and in a timely manner. He is also expected to monitor Avaya CMS and Aspect Real Time Adherence reporting screens each day.
  • He will have to develop and maintain schedules for agents using special software that calculates staff requirements and determines optimum schedules for customer service agents. 
  • It is his job duty to prepare and analyze call center reports that are designed to evaluate the performance of the call center. 
  • When needed, he will have to monitor the performance of the call center to ensure maximum operational efficiency.

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