Telecom Sales Job Duties

By | January 3, 2012

The telecom industry is the sector which is responsible for supply of various modes of communications all around the globe. The products provided through this industry include various forms of video, voice or internet communications. Those in the telecom sales segment are like any other retails seller or sales representatives. These workers are responsible for selling the telecommunication and related services to the target customers.

Telecom Sales Job Duties

  • The telecom sales representatives are required to recognize the potential customer base and gather information about them.
  • The representatives must be able to build and maintain proper channels with the potential customers.
  • The representatives must be able to manage the entire key customer base very efficiently.
  • The representatives in the sales department must be updated with all the developments in their segment.
  • The representatives must be capable of handling any customer query with professionalism.
  • The representatives must be capable of developing the telecom solutions to any sort of problem put forth by the customers.
  • If a difficult problem is posed the representatives must know how to handle the situation and provide the customer with appropriate guidance or follow- up service.
  • The sales representative is required to work in coordination with all the other representatives for smooth functioning of office operations.
  • The representative is required to work towards meeting the growth targets and the sales figure set for the respective period.
  • The representatives are needed to respect all the deadlines set by the authorities and try and maintain the decorum of the office by setting an example for others by their own behavior.

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