Telecom Business Analyst Job Duties

By | January 3, 2012

A business analyst is the person who is capable of analyzing the respective business, its structure, its design and all other relevant aspects of the organization. In the telecom industry where the major commodities are the telecommunication services like radio, telephone services, the internet service and all related modes, the business analyst will be required to perform similar tasks.

Telecom Business Analyst Job Duties

  • The telecom business analyst is required to analyze the set up of the business i.e. the way the business plans to build the customer and employee base.
  • The analyst is needed to check the plan of action that the business authorities have laid down for the future course of the business, and suggest any changes/ improvements (if any).
  • The analyst is responsible for closely examining the past experiences of the business and the past course of action so as to make appropriate suggestions for the future endeavors of the respective firm/ business.
  • Analyzing the market in which the firm operates is very important. Thus the analyst is needed to analyze the market trends and help the firm make correct demand or supply decisions.
  • The analyst is required to analyze the customer needs and help the firm/ business translate them into reality.
  • Whenever the firm is posed with any sort of a problem i.e. internal or external, the business analyst by nature of his/ her profile is required to analyze all the aspects of the problem and hence suggest the most appropriate solution for it.

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