Telecom Analyst Job Duties

By | January 3, 2012

A telecom analyst is a person who is employed by a telecommunications company to perform the area’s telecom moves, modifications and changes and acting as a bridge between the telecom operating companies and the various interconnect companies. They are required to provide technical expertise to assist on various telecom related matters and issues of importance. This job requires advanced training and communication skills. Given in the following lines are a few of the most important job duties which have to be performed by a telecom analyst. Please go through them for better understanding of the topic.

Telecom Analyst Job Duties:

  • They are required to perform or coordinate the various changes, additions and changes which have been made in the telecom industry. They are required to review and analyse these changes as well.
  • They are required to coordinate and review the various repair services in emergency situations as and when required.
  • Their job duty also involves the overseeing of the assigned telecommunications activities within the region or allotted area.
  • They are required into looking into the existing telecom system and suggest and develop better technical capabilities for improvements.
  • Their job requires them to develop and implement a formal system of evaluating the telephone systems and the materials used to maintain them.
  • The job of a telecom analyst requires him to write various technical specifications.
  • A telecom analyst is required also to maintain call accounting systems and performing other such related duties as and when assigned by the manager of the department.

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