Telecom Administrator Job Duties

By | January 3, 2012

A telecom administrator is an employee of a telecommunications company or unit who is responsible for managing and administrative various tasks such as analysis, inspection, technical works and troubleshooting. This job requires the employee to have exceptional managerial skills as well as a degree in administrations. A person at this job position may also be required to develop and improve new and existing systems respectively. Given below is a list of the job duties that are expected to be performed by a telecom administrator.

Telecom Administrator Job Duties:

  • A telecom administrator is required to generate and compile technical reports based on the research and findings from the technical department of the telecom company.
  • The person is also required to analyze and evaluate present as well as proposed telecom business procedures to clearly define or mark data processing needs.
  • A telecom administrator is required to oversee the working of all the departments and help in troubleshooting wherever needed. This job position demands the employee to be alert and one of the job duties is to assist and the members of the technical staff as well.
  • He is required to prepare detailed flow charts and diagrams which showcase the system’s capabilities and its processes.
  • He is required to select as well as maintain hardware and software inventory documents on a regular basis with changes and improvements done wherever and whenever required or demanded.
  • He also reviews and inspects expense reports as well as invoices for accuracy and completeness and makes necessary amendments.

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