Telecom Accounts Manager Job Duties

By | January 3, 2012

The telecom industry deals in the various telecommunication services such as the internet, the radio, telephone services, and all services relating to other modes of communications. Since accounts are a critical part of any business, the telecom accounts managers (like in any sector) are those employees who handle the financial accounts of the respective firm in which they are employed.

Telecom Accounts Manager Duties

  • The telecom accounts manager is needed to keep a track record of all the outflows/ expenses (minor day to day expenses as well as the purchase expenses etc.) that the firm/ business have incurred.
  • The manager is responsible to record all the monetary cash inflows that have been made to the telecom business on all possible accounts.
  • The manager is responsible to keep track of all the creditors (and debtors) and the figure of amounts credited to them (or debited to them).
  • The accounts manager has to make sure that all the transactions are recorded on in the accounts under correct heads with proper details such as date etc.
  • The accounts manager must manage the transactions for all the departments or segments of the business.
  • He/ she have to compile all the data in concise and clear format to ensure transparency and smooth operations of the firm.
  • The accounts manager is required to report to his/ her superiors if and when he/ she come across any discrepancy in the accounts.
  • The accounts have to be completed and cross checked at end of each accounting period which the responsibility of the accounts manager.

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