Technical Support Analyst Job Duties

By | October 4, 2013

Technical support analyst shoulders the responsibility to develop, implement and support the technical issues faced by the employees in an organization. Technical support analyst job duties involve building new applications, architectures, providing various accesses etc.

The candidate should possess a bachelor’s degree in computer science or information technology with hard ware and network experience or certifications. The technical support analyst will have to know the programming languages to solve the technical issues.

Technical Support Analyst Job Duties

  • Responsible for providing solutions to hardware, network and software issues.
  • Should coordinate with the other departments, install configure and provide access to the required employees.
  • Should maintain a database of employees, allocated systems and various accesses specific to departments.
  • Abide to the company’s integrity and policies while allotting system and providing access.
  • Create and educate every new employee about the procedure to obtain access, usage of the company’s system, password management and other technical issues through presentations or documents.
  • Assist the employees if any new external software is to be obtained and installed.
  • Coordinate with the clients to obtain quotations for new software and take part in the negotiation.
  • Maintain the network and server properly, by scheduling regular updates and scanning.
  • Install scanning software and disable unofficial sites from the systems and provide required access to the employees who are eligible for connecting from outside office.
  • Find out the hardware and software problems and coordinate with the concerned team for repairing or replacing them.
  • Identify the malfunctions or software that creates problems to network, like slowing down of the system etc and take required action.
  • Assist for coordinating higher level meetings or client visits, by organizing a mock session prior to the scheduled day.
  • Provide timely solutions to technical problems, and identify right people if the problem has to be escalated.
  • Create hardware awareness among the employees to avoid system from crashing down.

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