Taxi Driver Job Duties

By | January 3, 2012

A taxi driver is a person whose job is to drive cabs or taxis. To become a taxi driver, the first and foremost requirement is to be able to drive comfortably keeping in mind all the rules, regulations and laws related to driving. There is more to this job than what may appear from a distance. A taxi driver’s job not only requires him to know driving but also about the in and out of a taxi, its functioning, maintenance etc. Given below are the job duties of a taxi driver.

Taxi Driver Job Duties:

  • A taxi driver’s job is to pick up and drop off passengers or customers as per their convenience.
  • He must then collect the fare of the travel from the passenger as per the fare chart or meter system.
  • A taxi driver might be required to maintain the taxi on a regular basis.
  • Another job duty of a taxi driver is to be load and unload the baggage of the customers whenever required. This may also include lifting up of wheelchairs of handicapped people.
  • His duty also involves repair of the automobile whenever required. He must keep his vehicle neat and clean.
  • A taxi driver must keep a log of his activities and report to the head of the taxi division whenever necessary or required.
  • Any taxi driver must follow the traffic instructions and drive in a manner that suits the passengers.
  • A taxi driver must also be required to pass through driving tests to renew their licenses on a regular basis.


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