Tax Specialist Job Duties

By | April 5, 2012

Tax Specialist Job Duties include computing taxes and ensuring the timely payment of taxes. It is essential to have complete knowledge about the taxation terms and processes in order to get into this position. A bachelor’s degree in accounting and taxation is recommended to get into this position. Most employers prefer candidates having a relevant work experience.

Tax Specialist Job Duties

  • Tax Specialists are required to advice the employees on matters related to filing tax.

  • Tax Specialists are involved in helping the employees in preparing tax returns.

  • Tax Specialists need to keep a track of the taxes that are still to be paid by their organization and share the same with the senior officials in order to settle them as soon as possible.

  • Tax Specialists may compute the taxes that are yet to be settled. The computation is to be done as per the rules and regulations set by the company.

  • Tax Specialists are expected to study the company’s income, expenditures and investments made and work upon reducing its tax liability.

  • Tax Specialists needs to assure that the organization follows the tax laws.

  • Tax Specialists need to ensure the timely payment of taxes by the firm as well as the employees working there.

  • Tax Specialists work on settling any tax dispute that may be running.

  • Tax Specialists need to verify the tax amount filed by the company officials. They need to ensure that accurate tax amount is being paid.

  • Tax Specialists may be required to communicate with the taxing bodies and deal with them.

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