Tax Preparer Job Duties

By | December 2, 2010

Tax Preparer Duties

Tax preparer is the field where individual is engaged in managing the tax related issues of an individual or an organization. He is a licensed professional engaged and authorized to calculate tax returns and handle them effectively in place of the person. The tax preparer should be an alert individual to bring to notice any changes in the tax issues or the schedules of payment of tax by the individual or the company. The tax preparer is required having high knowledge base and experience in handling tax returns and accounts of the clients. The tax preparer is required to have good communicative skills to deal with clients effectively.

Tax Preparer Job Duties

  • Assisted clients in tax related queries and informed about investment strategies and plans
  • Extended services to other fields of tax issues as well
  • Managed tax accounts and tax paying issues of the company.
  • Carried out research work for maintaining regular payment of taxes and handled legal issues of the company.
  • Provided good client service relating their financial issues and giving related information and tax law.
  • Formulated data of clients and analysed them with the help of tax information.
  • Made reports of the analysis and informed clientele and submitted them tax documents.
  • Ensured payment options and other tax elated information for clients who didn’t paid taxes.

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