Tax Inspector Job Duties

By | April 5, 2012

Tax Inspector Job Duties include ensuring that the individuals as well as organizations pay the right amount of tax as per their income. They also need to see to it that the tax is paid at the right time. Tax Inspectors advice individuals on paying the taxes easily. It is important to have complete knowledge about the subject in order to get into this position.

Tax Inspector Job Duties

  • Tax Inspector need to apply tax legislation to individuals, groups, partnerships, big and small organizations.

  • Tax Inspector is required to assess a person’s account and find out about the tax amount he is liable to pay and ensure that he/ she pays it on time.

  • Tax Inspector is required to figure out the tax defaulters by going through the previous tax reports and files.

  • Tax Inspector is expected to prepare a list of the tax defaulters and contact them via phone or fix up meeting with them.

  • Tax Inspector conducts fraud investigation.

  • Tax Inspector may advise the employees on taxation matters.

  • Tax Inspector may be involved in negotiating taxes to settle the disputed matters.

  • Tax Inspector may also settle tax matters using other legal processes.

  • Tax Inspector may even take action against the tax defaulters if they do not pay the essential tax amount even after repeated reminders.

  • Tax Inspector is required to review and evaluate the business accounts to check as to how much tax needs to be paid.

  • Tax Inspector may consult tax advisers to discuss certain cases with them before taking any action.

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