Tax Consultant Job Duties

By | August 30, 2012

Tax Consultant job duties include providing consultation related to filing tax, preparing documents to be attached with the tax file, filling up tax return form, etc. Tax consultant provides tax related advice to businesses as well as salaried individuals.

It is essential to grab a degree in taxation or accounting if you are aspiring to get into the position of a tax consultant; having relevant work experience helps in handling the given tasks efficiently. These professionals may be employed at tax consultation firms or may provide freelance consultation services to different clients.

Tax Consultant Job Duties

  • Tax Consultant is required to meet the clients and advice them on how to keep their taxes to minimum.
  • Tax Consultant is required to stay updated with the information related to various saving and investment schemes being offered by different financial institutes and banks.
  • Tax Consultant needs to have knowledge about all the schemes that help in saving taxes and share the same with their clients.
  • Tax Consultant is required to learn about the financial income of the client, his expenditures, savings, investment, etc in order to provide him appropriate tax consultation.
  • Tax Consultant is required to provide the best possible tax saving advice to the client after studying all his financial details.
  • Tax Consultant is required to maintain a record of all the clients whom he has attended and provided consultation.
  • Tax Consultant needs to assist the clients in filling the tax return forms; he needs to tell them about what all is to be mentioned on the form.
  • Tax Consultant is required to go through the tax return forms filled by the clients and check for any kind of discrepancies.
  • Tax Consultant needs to ensure that the incorrect forms are filled in again and that there is no cutting or overwriting on the forms.

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