Tax Clerk Job Duties

By | January 19, 2012

Tax Clerk is involved in computing taxes on the company’s production processes and sales transactions. He is involved in maintaining a record of the amount of tax that has already been paid and the amount that is still to be paid. Besides this, he is also involved in handling a number of other tax related tasks. A candidate needs to have thorough knowledge about taxation activities in order to get into this position.

Tax Clerk Job Duties

  • A Tax Clerk is required to calculate the taxes to be levied on a company’s sales transactions and production processes.
  • He needs to keep a track of the tax amount paid and by the company.
  • A Tax Clerk also needs to calculate the tax amount that is still due.
  • He is also responsible for sending the tax bills.
  • A Tax Clerk’s job duty may also involve collecting the tax payments.
  • His work involves issuing licenses to the residents. He also works on maintaining these licenses.
  • A Tax Clerk needs to follow the instructions of a tax collector.
  • He is required to work as a part of a team.
  • His task also involves handling the client’s queries related to tax and clarifying their doubts. He usually handles these questions over the phone.
  • A Tax Clerk is also involved in preparing and maintaining tax related papers and documents.
  • A Tax Clerk may check the tax payment record of the individuals and prepare payment plans for his clients so that it is easier for them to make the tax payments.

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