Tax Auditor Job Duties

By | January 19, 2012

A Tax Auditor makes sure that all the tax related activities are being carried out as per the defined law. They work for the government bodies and see to it that the individuals and businesses pay the correct amount of taxes and that the payment is done on time. In order to get into this position, one must be thorough with the subject and also possess good working knowledge of the same.

Tax Auditor Job Duties

  • A Tax Auditor is involved in auditing the financial records of the companies and individuals in order to figure out the tax liability.
  • He is required to obtain information from the taxpayers and review it.
  • A Tax Auditor must find out information about a person’s income, his material assets, liabilities, expenditures and surpluses to check his net worth and figure out the probable tax related issues.
  • He assesses a person’s financial position and determines the kind of investigation required.
  • A Tax Auditor informs the taxpayers about their unpaid tax amount in writing and makes sure that it is paid.
  • He makes sure that the tax deduction is done as per the set laws.
  • He must ensure that the computed tax amount is accurate.
  • It is the duty of a Tax Auditor to inform the tax payers in case they have made some additional tax payment by mistake or if they still have some amount due.
  • In case the amount paid by the tax payer is less then the actual amount to be paid then the Tax auditor would also check or calculate the penalty charges and inform the same to the tax payer.

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