System Administrator Job Duties

By | February 28, 2012

System administrator job duties include the installation, configuration and maintenance of both hardware and software systems. He is responsible for handling various technical tasks. In order to get into this position one must possess a Bachelors degree specializing in some technical subject. One must also have a relevant work experience in this field to seek this role.

System Administrator Job Duties

  • System Administrator is involved in the installation, configuration and maintenance of hardware and software systems
  • He performs technical research in order to find newer ways to handle various technical activities
  • He ensures that the hardware systems, software systems and other processes are running as per the guidelines set by the company or the client.
  • A System Administrator assists the project teams in resolving technical issues
  • He is involved in conducting technical analysis
  • He is required to work on Linux, various windows operating systems and application systems
  • A System Administrator may also rework on the existing servers and configurations.
  • He needs to monitor the systems and ensure the smooth functioning of work in different departments
  • He must take a daily back up of various applications and files so that there is no risk for loss of data
  • A System Administrator must check and maintain the security of the systems
  • He is also required to create new user accounts and delete the old ones as and when required.
  • A System Administrator must be there to support all the departments with their technical requirements.
  • He must maintain regular reports on the tasks handled



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