Support Worker Job Duties

By | July 15, 2011

Support Worker Duties

Support workers duty is to support the daily work status of the employee. Support workers works for people who are suffering from disabilities, children with attention deficiency and most old people. It’s the worker responsibility to assist the employer’s activities. These workers helps employee to make their work on time. Their major job includes cleaning, giving medicines and helps his employees to become presentable in front of the visitors. Support workers are responsible for the customer safety.

Job Duties Support Worker

  • Support worker are responsible for preparing the list of daily needs of their employees.
  • Helps a person in various ways such as taking food. Support worker should always perform it duties in the specific way.
  • Support worker helps in cleaning the surrounding, so that it could be perfect and comfortable for a person.
  • Helps their customers to get a perfect life style and make them applicable to know the daily living skills.
  • Support worker maintain a records of their clients actions in order to prepare a demanding behavior.
  • Helps in assisting their clients which is one of the major duties.
  • Support worker offers proper advice, necessary information and needed support to their regular clients.
  • Support worker make sure that their clients will attend their doctors, specialist or dentist.

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