Sunday school teacher job duties include providing religious education to the students. These teachers mainly work at churches and may even be called at schools, colleges or other educational institutions to give special lectures to the students. While most of the Sunday school teachers are paid for this profession many people even volunteer to give religious teachings at church and even at educational institutes and do not demand any remuneration for the same.

These teachers mainly base their teachings on the lessons from Bible. Sunday school teachers basically try to invoke people’s faith in god and also inculcate good moral values in them.

Sunday School Teacher Job Duties

  • Sunday School Teacher is required to give religious teachings to children as well as adults.
  • Sunday School Teacher picks up excerpts from the bible and explains the same to his pupils.
  • Sunday School Teacher is required to prepare lessons to be taught during the lectures he takes.
  • Sunday School Teacher is usually required to take lessons after the Sunday morning worship at the church.
  • Sunday School Teacher needs to invoke his pupil’s faith in God by narrating stories from bible.
  • Sunday School Teacher is required to make these sessions more interesting so that the students are able to learn and understand the lessons well.
  • Sunday School Teacher needs to ensure that the sessions conducted are interactive. They need to clarify any doubt arising in their student’s mind.
  • Sunday School Teacher is also involved in organizing religious events in the church.
  • Sunday School Teacher is expected to be a part of the Sunday morning and evening prayers at the church.
  • Sunday School Teacher helps their students in understanding their inner self.
  • Sunday School Teacher is required to ensure that his class is organized appropriately.
  • Sunday School Teacher may conduct separate sessions for children and give them teachings that are apt as per their age.

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