Structural Engineer Job Duties

By | March 7, 2012

Structural Engineer Job Duties include designing strong structures that stay intact even during harsh climatic conditions. While planning the design of a structure, they are required to study the weather conditions and other elements that the structure may be exposed to and come up with the final draft accordingly. They also conduct tests on the already built structures to find out as to how strong and well constructed they are.

Structural Engineer Job Duties

  • Structural Engineers are responsible for designing various buildings and structures.
  • They need to ensure that they design strong structures that can bear any kind of climatic conditions.
  • Structural Engineers are required to plan the construction of houses, shops, theatres and various other buildings.
  • They also need to work on designing other structures such as aircrafts, ships, oil rigs, etc.
  • Structural Engineers are involved in the selection of building material such as stones, bricks, cement, wood, etc. They must ensure that only quality products are used in the construction process.
  • They need to plan the entire construction process keeping in mind the client’s requirements.
  • Structural Engineers are also required to discuss the budget with the client, provide him information regarding the various options that are available as per his budget and help him make an appropriate choice.
  • They are also involved in conducting tests on the existing structures in order to check as to how strong they are.
  • Structural Engineers are required to coordinate with the project engineers and take their inputs on several matters during the project.

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