Stock Holders Job Duties

By | April 25, 2011

Stock Holders Duties

A stockholder is also called a shareholder of a company or corporation. He is a part owner of the company depending on the number of his shares. He is granted with privileges that give the right to vote on pertinent matters and many other benefits that have a great advantage to one’s company in return.

Stock Holders Job Duties

  • Attend and join the annual meetings of the corporation to tackle what development happen for the whole year.
  • Vote on company’s business, like appointment of board of directors.
  • Vote on dividend payments and raise their concerns to all the stockholders.
  • Offer resolutions to the betterment of the company.  Stockholders monitor the performance of the companies’ officers.
  • Suggest, recommend and implement new rules and regulations which can help the company to reach it success.
  • Choose people and management who will lead the employees.
  • Call for a meeting if there is a needed thing for the matters about stocks.

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