Staff Auditor Job Duties

By | March 7, 2012

Staff Auditor Job Duties include conducting audits to review the tasks being carried out in different departments of the company. A candidate seeking this position must hold a bachelor’s degree in accounts and auditing. He should be well versed with   MS Access and Excel and should also have knowledge about the software systems used in various departments of his company.

Staff Auditor Job Duties

  • A Staff Auditor Job Duties include auditing the work of staff members from different departments.
  • He/ She is required to ensure that the work is done as per the set guidelines.
  • A Staff Auditor needs to ensure the quality of work.
  • He/ She is required to understand the customer’s data and should be able to manipulate it using MS Office.
  • A Staff Auditor requires reviewing the company agreements and contracts.
  • He/ She must have knowledge about the use of various software systems as he requires working on them while conducting audits.
  • A Staff Auditor is required to assess the client’s account to see if any payment has been missed.
  • He/ She needs to support the various audit operations.
  • He/ She is expected to read about the latest audit concepts and update his/ her knowledge about the changes, in any in the audit procedures.
  • A Staff Auditor is required to prepare audit reports including all the details about the audits conducted.
  • He/ She is required to present these reports to the senior officials and discuss the scope of improvement with them.
  • A Staff Auditor needs to give feedback to the staff members after conducting the audits.

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