Staff Accountant Job Duties

By | January 19, 2012

A staff accountant is expected to prepare the accounting details of a company. He is supposed to maintain a record of the company’s accounts and the ledger balance.

A staff accountant is a part of the Finance and Accounts department and is involved in a number of other accounting tasks.

Staff Accountant Job Duties

  • A Staff Accountant needs to have information about the salary and wages of all the employees at different levels as he is required to prepare the salary packages.
  • He must also keep a track of the changes in pay scales and make modifications in the packages of his company’s employees.
  • A Staff Accountant works in accordance with the Human Resource department and takes their inputs while making changes in the salary structure of the employees.
  • He must also have knowledge about the payroll taxes in order to assist the employees who need help in this regard.
  • A Staff Accountant is also expected to help the employees in case they require his assistance while filing their income tax return.
  • He is expected to maintain various documents related to the company’s work progress, acquisition of new client and turnover.
  • A Staff Accountant needs to prepare reports on the company’s turnover.
  • He is required to possess complete knowledge about the accounting processes, procedures and standards in order to carry out his tasks efficiently.
  • A Staff Accountant maintains documents and reports on the working hours and output of the employees.
  • He also calculates the amount of work handled and the resources used by the employee.

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