Speech-Language Pathologists Job Duties

By | July 5, 2013

A speech-language pathologist is also known as a speech therapist. Such a pathologist works with patients who have developed or naturally have disorders related to speech, communication, language and difficulties with drinking, eating or swallowing. A candidate aspiring to be a speech-language pathologist must have proper training in the speech pathology and should hold at least a master’s degree.

He must also be licensed, if the state demands so. There are various tasks that a speech language pathologist’s job duties demand. Discussed below are few of the basic job duties of a speech-language pathologist.

Sample Speech-Language Pathologist Job Duties

  • A speech-language pathologist needs to identify, diagnose and treat the speech disorders that patients come with.
  • A speech-language pathologist needs to help people with speech, communication and language-related difficulties. They also help people who have problems in swallowing, drinking or eating.
  • He must first identify the areas a patient has problems with and accordingly come up with an individual therapy programme to treat the problem.
  • He must involve other people as a part of his therapy treatment to achieve faster results and recovery. Teachers, family and friends are often made an active part of treatment plans.
  • A speech-language pathologist needs to help a patient modify his/her accent.
  • He needs to work with a team of doctors, physiotherapists and host of other medical professionals to arrest patient’s problem efficiently. Hence forming a part of a multidisciplinary team and improving effectiveness.
  • He must also supervise and scrutinize a patient progress on a regular basis and therefore evaluate the future line of treatment to be adopted.
  • He must note all the information as regard to a patient and keep it confidential as and when required.
  • He must also train other professionals on the subject of speech-language therapy.

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