Special Education Teacher Job Duties

By | March 7, 2012

Special Education Teacher Job Duties include providing education to the disabled children. These disabilities may be mild or even moderate. A Special Education Teacher must be well versed in her subject. In addition to this, she must also be aware about different kinds of disabilities and have knowledge about the ways to tackle children with such problems.

Special Education Teacher Job Duties

  • Special Education Teachers are required to handle students with different disabilities.
  • They are required to teach them different subjects based on their specialization.
  • Special Education Teachers are required to identify the students’ issues and help them learn accordingly.
  • They need to work on the case management issues for special education students
  • They are required to design special education modules to teach these students. They also intervene during the preparation of their curriculum.
  • Special Education Teachers are required to review the monthly report of the students and share the students’ progress online.
  • They are required to coordinate with the providers in order to check the completion of attendance and reports.
  • Special Education Teachers need to involve the students in different activities based on their disabilities.
  • They hold monthly meetings with the special education students’ families and discuss their progress with the family members.
  • Special Education Teachers must be available for the special education students’ and their families at all times.
  • They must inform about the student’s progress to their parents not only during the monthly meetings but also over the email or phone as and when required.
  • They must maintain the individual record of each student.

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