Spa Receptionist Job Duties

By | October 10, 2012

Spa Receptionist Job Duties include welcoming the customers who walk in to the spa and answering to all their queries related to spa treatments and services. Spa receptionist needs to possess complete knowledge about the various spa packages being offered at the spa and provide information about the same to the clients.

There is no special course that one needs to attend in order to become a spa receptionist. However employers look for candidates having good communication skills, confidence and pleasing personality.

Spa Receptionist Job Duties

  • Spa Receptionist is required to welcome the customers who visit the spa.
  • Spa Receptionist needs to make the customers comfortable and ask them as to how she/he can assist them.
  • Spa Receptionist is required to provide information related to different spa packages being offered.
  • Spa Receptionist needs to understand the specific spa treatment that the client intends to undergo and suggest him a spa package accordingly.
  • Spa Receptionist is required to understand the customer’s budget and help him select a package that meets his requirement and also fits into his budget.
  • Spa Receptionist needs to fix up the client’s appointment for the spa treatment as per the availability of the client.
  • Spa Receptionist may suggest the clients to purchase certain spa products.
  • Spa Receptionist needs to maintain a record of the names of the customers who walk in to the spa.
  • Spa Receptionist also needs to answer to the client’s queries over the phone and ensure that she saves the client’s numbers for future reference.
  • Spa Receptionist may be required to call up the client for thanking him to undergo a spa treatment at his/her spa and may also take his feedback on the kind of spa services received.
  • Spa Receptionist is required to ensure that the reception area at the spa is kept clean at all times.

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