Sous Chef Job Duties

By | December 13, 2012

Sous Chef Job Duties include preparing different food items, deciding the way in which the food is to be presented to the customers, ordering ingredients required to prepare various food items, assisting the executive chef in preparing food, guiding the junior kitchen staff on handling various kitchen related tasks appropriately, handling any kind of conflict occurring amongst the junior kitchen staff and various other tasks. Sous Chef works under the supervision of the executive chef who is known to be the kitchen leader.

He is also asked to handle the overall kitchen tasks in the absence of the executive chef. One is recommended to attend a course in food and nutrition, commercial cooking or other related subjects at a reputed culinary school in order to become a Sous chef.

Sous Chef Job Duties

  • Sous Chef is required to work under the guidance of the executive chef; follow the instructions given by him and assist him in handling various kitchen related tasks.
  • Sous Chef may be involved in deciding the food menu in association with the executive chef and other senior members of the food service department.
  • Sous Chef is required to make several cuisines. He needs to receive orders from clients via food service attendants, servers or waiters and prepare the required food item.
  • Sous Chef should be quick in the preparation of food and must ensure that the food is delivered to the customers within the committed time.
  • Sous Chef may look for newer and more delicious food recipes and speak to the executive chef for their inclusion in the food menu.
  • Sous Chef is required to ensure that quality food is prepared in the kitchen.
  • Sous Chef needs to see to it that the food prepared by him is not only delicious but also nutritious.
  • Sous Chef is required to work in coordination with other kitchen staff members.

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