Social Security Job Duties

By | January 4, 2012

Social security refers to having protection against socially recognised conditions such as poverty, old age, disability of any kind or unemployment. A person belonging to a sector of governmental services which are responsible for providing social security to individuals has a number of job duties associated with his/her job profile. This job involves services such as income maintenance, unemployment insurance, survivor benefits etc… The following is a list of a few job duties of a social security worker or executive.

Social Security Job Duties:

  • A social security worker is responsible for providing insurance to the client or individual that he/she shall be protected from restrictions due to disability, unemployment, poverty and old age.
  • A social security worker is responsible for maintaining the level of cash in the event of interruption of environ
  • ment, including retirement, disability and unemployment.
  • It is the job duty of a social security worker to provide the access to basic necessities such as food, clothing, housing, money and educational services.
  • A social security worker is also required to ensure the provision of non contributory benefits for people in certain types of needs such as the veterans of the armed forces of the particular country, people with certain disabilities and also very old people.
  • A social security worker’s job duty also includes providing discretionary benefits which are the benefits provided to the discretion of an official such as a social worker.
  • A social security worker is also required to provide means tested benefits to the people.


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