Snack Bar Attendant Job Duties

By | July 1, 2010

Snack Bar Attendant Duties

Your basic job is to take food and drinks order from the customers and serve to them after they are     prepared in the kitchen. While serving food and beverage to the customers just ensure that you maintain the politeness and see that all the food items are served as ordered by the customers.

Duties of a Snack Bar Attendant

  • You will have to see that all food items are being made correctly and that too, in a timely manner.
  • You must communicate directly to the Kitchen Manager and Food & Beverages Manager if you feel any changes are necessary or shortages are noticed.
  • You will rotate the food supplies as per the standard food rotation procedure. You may also have to receive the food and supplies in the snack bar. You will have to store the daily stock in the refrigerator and also see that the refrigerator is functioning properly.
  • You will have to keep a watch on the cleanliness of the kitchen and see that hygienic conditions are maintained. In the process, you must complete the daily cleaning and closing checklists.
  • You will have to work maintaining all the HACCP guidelines and see that a safe work environment is maintained in the place.

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