Shuttle Driver Job Duties

By | July 10, 2012

Shuttle Driver Job Duties include picking up passengers and dropping them to their desired places while the passengers’ own vehicles are being serviced at the workshops or service stations. A Shuttle Driver must deal politely with the passengers and give them the required pick and drop service. There is no particular degree course that one needs to undergo in order to get into this profession.

All one requires is good driving skills, sense of direction and a valid driving license for becoming a Shuttle driver. A candidate’s past driving record is also seen while hiring him for this position.

Shuttle Driver Job Duties

  • Shuttle Driver is required to pick passengers from their office, home or any other place and drive them to their desired destination while their vehicles are being serviced at the workshop/ service station.
  • Shuttle Driver is required to behave courteously with his passengers and understand the destination they wish to reach.
  • Shuttle Driver needs to make use of good road judgment while driving.
  • Shuttle Driver is required to make use of roadmaps to take their passengers to different places, in case they are not aware about the routes.
  • Shuttle Driver is required to ensure that the passengers are dropped safely to their desired destination.
  • Shuttle Driver needs to ensure that the shuttle vehicle is kept cleaned and maintained properly.
  • Shuttle Driver is required to see to it that the vehicle they are driving is serviced timely.
  • Shuttle Driver needs to take their vehicles to the workshop or speak to the dealers they are working for if any problem arises in the vehicles.
  • Shuttle Driver is required to maintain a written record of the passengers they have picked and dropped. He needs to key in the details of the pickup and drop destination, kilometers traveled, name, phone number of the passengers and other essential details for keeping the record.

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