Shipping Clerk Job Duties

By | August 9, 2010

Shipping Clerk Duties

The primary job duty of a shipping clerk is to know the shipping and receiving rules and norms and he must ensure that all goods of the company are sent and received by as per the rules and regulations of the law of the land.  The position involves a lot of responsibilities as goods worth millions of dollars may be handled through him.

Job Duties of a Shipping Clerk

  • The shipping clerk must be proficient with UPS or the Federal export shipping systems. He will also have to be forklift certified, and shall be able to lift up to 70 lbs with the appropriate accommodations.
  • The shipping clerk has to work in different shifts as loading and unloading work goes on round the clock in the shipping deck. In that case, the shipping clerk may have to work in night shifts when his turn comes.
  • The shipping clerk must make all entries properly in the computer as all profit and loss calculations will be made based on those entries. Thus it is very much necessary for him to know all the rules of import and export which are applicable at the point of loading.
  • He must submit his report to the senior management on a weekly basis.

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