Sewer Job Duties

By | April 25, 2011

Sewer Duties

If you are not buying RTWs or ready to wear garments, chances are you might have someone who does your clothes for you – a couturier, a designer or simply a sewer.

The sewer puts all the garment pieces together in order to come up with one style or design according to the needs and requirements of the clients. The sewer needs to follow the choices of the clients, but may also give suggestions if the client asks for it. Without the sewers, we would be going naked as with the days of Adam and Eve.

Sewer Job Duties

  • Study garments carefully in order to determine required alterations.
  • Place some padding if necessary and give shape on the clothes.
  • Measure carefully the parts of the sleeves or pant legs, and then better to mark it or pin-fold alteration lines for better mark.
  • Trim excess material carefully, using scissors or any other cutting shears.
  • Estimate properly on the garment that is needed that will cost to make, considering also some factors such as time, manpower and material requirement.
  • Make some garment change of its style, about tapering pant legs, doing some narrowing lapels and even adding or removing its padding.
  • Apply intelligently the knowledge on garment designs, constructions, its styling and it’s kind of fabric.
  • Repairs or have some needed replacement for some defective garment like on pockets, zippers and buttons.

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