Service Manager – BAR Job Duties

By | July 1, 2010

Service Manager – BAR Duties

The basic job of the service manager of a bar is to offer an excellent guest service by using the resources of the bar quite effectively. Will have to responsible for all functional activities when the General Manager is not in the unit and ensure that all operations are going on smoothly in the bar. All the employees will be answerable to him in the absence of the General Manager.

Job Duties of a Bar Service Manager

  • Primary duty will be to hire, train and supervise the functionalities of the employees. You can give work direction to the employees on their required tasks. You can also terminate an employee if you do not find him suitable.
  • You must try to build good relationship with the guests in order to ensure a good guest service and see that the bar gets repeat customer. You can keep a regular touch with all the “tables” in order to get a ground feedback from the customers.
  • You must see that counter attendants, customer service representatives and greeters are trying their level best to give good service to the customers. You should see that they are giving friendly, polite customer service.
  • You should organize regular promotional events in order to draw more customers to the bar.

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