Senior Programmer Job Duties

By | May 21, 2012

Senior Programmer Job Duties include carrying out various programming tasks. He/She also gives instructions to programming Analyst as well as junior programmers and supervises them. In order to get into this position a person is recommended to pursue a degree in Computer Science or equivalent and possess a good amount of experience in this field.

Senior Programmer Job Duties

  • Senior Programmer is required to give instructions to the junior programmers and program analysts.
  • Senior Programmer is required to supervise the junior programmers and program analysts and ensure that they carry out various tasks efficiently.
  • Senior Programmer is also required to evaluate the performance of his juniors and provide them feedback on the same.
  • Senior Programmer needs to provide support to various departments.
  • Senior Programmer needs to ensure that the software systems are programmed appropriately.
  • Senior Programmer is required to maintain the data interfaces and application platforms.
  • Senior Programmer needs to stay updated with the latest knowledge about various platforms including Network Servers, GIS, Public Safety, etc.
  • Senior Programmer needs to handle programming projects and accomplish them as per the client’s needs.
  • Senior Programmer conducts software programming tests to approve/ disapprove any new program that has been designed.
  • Senior Programmer is required to conduct maintenance activities for different programs after informing about the maintenance schedule to the users.
  • Senior Programmer is required to ensure that the programs run smoothly and that the users do not face any difficulty while using them.
  • Senior Programmer needs to work as per the guidelines set by his organization.

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