Senior Accountant Job Duties

By | July 1, 2010

Senior Accountant Duties

Being the senior accountant, you must have good understanding of the principles of accounting. You may have to prepare VAT and service tax returns and it is expected of you to have an eye on detailing and accuracy. You will have to look after the accounting of daily operations of various activities of the company. You will be directly reporting to the Finance Manager and is expected to work in a professionally sound environment.

Job Duties of a Senior Accountant

  • You will be responsible for compiling and recording all the financial information and prepare the financial statements accordingly.
  • You will have to prepare the management report in details which include the list of the debtor and the creditor and analyze the expense part.
  • You will have to see that all data has been compiled properly and prepare the VAT and Service Tax return accordingly. In addition to these, you will have to oversee the compilation of all tax related matters and also see that TDS is deducted properly.
  • After proper deduction of TDS, you will have to ensure that filing of TDS returns, VAT Returns and Service Tax returns have been done properly.
  • You will have to appear before the VAT or tax authorities for routine matters.

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