Security Officer Job Duties

By | September 27, 2010

Security Officer Duties

Security Officer is one to provide security to a home, office, factory or installation of fragile premises like gasoline storage places, airports, seaports, etc. He is expected to be of a strong built to overcome any situation like preventing fire, armed attack, etc. and hence retired defense or policemen ideally fit the job. He supervises the security guards posted at the sites and guides or directs them to carry out tasks for the safety of the places guarded by them. He should personally carry out frisking of anyone moving suspiciously by questioning and physical verification of belongings as a part of security measure.

Job Duties of Security Officer

  • Carry out identification as per norms prescribed;
  • Keep vigil during duty hours and get into action by alerting fellow security men when sensing any doubt;
  • Check outgoing passes of any material moving out of an establishment being guarded and make necessary entries in the material-out books;
  • Upkeep of fire safety equipment and devices so as to put them to use in case of emergency;
  • Timely switching on of sirens at the conclusion of every shift in a manufacturing or storage operations working round the clock;
  • Prevent any untoward incidents inside the premises and drive out trouble mongers;
  • Guard against sabotage, espionage or subversive activities;
  • Ensure self and security guards are on prescribed uniform and initiate action on erring guards;
  • Check the self and belongings of every intended entrant into the establishment and prevent carrying of sensitive items like arms, cell phones, etc.
  • Ensure every personnel entering a sensitive area to wear safety outfits like helmets, face masks, etc.
  • Prevent any worker or outsider from resorting to unlawful activities like smoking, drinking, gambling or causing unrest;
  • Permit visitors intending to visit any official after obtaining clearance from the concerned official over intercom.

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