Security Guards Job Duties

By | August 9, 2010

Security Guards Duties

As a Security Guard your job responsibilities would be patrolling and inspecting property to give protection against theft, vandalism, fire, terrorism and illegal activities. You need to protect your employer’s investments, inflict laws on the property and deter unlawful activity as well as other problems. Use telephones to call for support from fire brigade, police stations or emergency medical services if required.

Duties of Security Guards

  • A security guard should always stay alert to watch and protect property against theft, burglary, terrorism or fire. He should protect it from any sort of criminal activities as well.
  • When necessary they should use telephone to ask for assistance from the local police station, fire brigade or emergency medical services.
  • You will have to write complete reports outlining your observations and activities throughout your assigned shift.
  • You may also interview witnesses or victims, arrange case reports, and be a witness in court in case of any such circumstances.
  • Being a Security guard you are supposed to circulate among visitors, customers and staffs to maintain order and protect property.
  • You must operate detecting devices like monitor alarms and closed-circuit TV cameras properly to monitor individuals and prevent passage of banned articles into restricted areas.

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