Security Dispatcher Job Duties

By | January 4, 2012

A Security Dispatcher’s job is to dispatch work crews, equipments or workers. He/She generally makes use of computers, radios or telephones for conveying information regarding assignments. These modes are used even while reporting about the work. A Security dispatcher is expected to have a high school diploma at least. Those with a relevant work experience are preferred by the employees.

Security Dispatcher Job Duties

  • The Security Dispatchers are expected to record and maintain files and record of the expenses made from time to time
  • They need to keep a track of the work services performed by them. It is essential for them to record these services and maintain the record for reviewing at a later stage, if required.
  • They need to maintain a record of all the charges, of any kind.
  • Various details about the inventory must also be recorded and the information must be maintained properly as it can be of use later on.
  • The Security Dispatchers must also maintain a record of all the customer requests received from time to time.
  • They are also required to maintain a record of other dispatch information as well.
  • The Security Dispatchers must oversee all the communications in a given area.
  • The Security Dispatchers also need to run schedules and daily work.
  • They are expected to give advice regarding traffic issues such as accidents, weather conditions, construction sites as well as various other kinds of hazards.
  • They are required to monitor the location of the equipments so that they come handy as and when required.

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