Secretary of Agriculture Job Duties

By | August 7, 2010

Secretary of Agriculture Duties

The Secretary of Agriculture is one who provides strategic and management direction, and daily leadership on priorities and accomplishment of established outputs. He will have to run the management of the Ministry effectively by providing timely and suitable advice to the Minister of Agriculture. Moreover he should to facilitate the proper participation of the Ministry in significant national, regional and international programs.

Job Duties of Secretary of Agriculture

  • Secretary of Agriculture is accountable for the successful and professional management of the Ministry.
  • He should provide strategic direction to the Ministry of Agriculture and administer on priorities and fulfillment of the agreed outputs.
  • He should give suitable advice to the Minister in a timely manner.
  • To guide and provide support besides assisting the senior mangers and employees in order to achieve agreed production will be one of his major responsibilities.
  • He must facilitate the suitable involvement of the Ministry in related national, regional and international curriculum.
  • Developing and maintaining optimistic working atmosphere and a program for staff development consistent with the ethics of good employer. Moreover he should ensure effective monitoring and reporting including

i) Stipulation of regular reports on fixed outputs

ii) Execution of regular reviews of organizational units and activities of the Ministry

iii) The preservation

of proper and the latest records of capital assets of the Ministry.

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