Science Teacher Job Duties

By | October 14, 2012

Science Teacher, as the name suggests, is hired to teach science to the students. Science teacher job duties include teaching students about various aspects of different plants, animals, marine life, chemical reactions, etc. The science subject is further divided into various fields including physics, chemistry, biology, astronomy, marine science, etc and the science teachers may be specialized in any of these field.

Like other teachers the science teacher is also supposed to ensure that the students learn their subject properly. These teachers are involved in handling a number of other tasks which are mentioned in detail in this article.

Science Teacher Job Duties

  • Science Teacher is required to teach science subjects to the students. They may teach any of the science subjects including biology, chemistry, physics, marine science, etc to the students based on their area of specialization.
  • Science Teacher is required to prepare study programs for the science subjects after conducting good research on it.
  • Science Teacher is required to look for new and innovative ways to make the science subject more interesting for the students.
  • Science Teacher teaching this subject to the higher classes needs to teach the students about the method of conducting experiments in the laboratory.
  • Science Teacher is required to set test papers for the science students in order to assess their knowledge about the subject.
  • Science Teacher is required to check the test papers and mark the students based on the answers given by them.
  • Science Teacher is required to make sure that the students understand the subject well.
  • Science Teacher needs to give individual attention to the students and clarify all their doubts related to the subject.
  • Science Teacher may be required to provide inputs while the course curriculum for the science subject is being prepared.
  • Science Teacher is required to prepare study material on this subject and share it with the students.

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