School Secretary Job Duties

By | April 5, 2012

School secretary job duties include working for the betterment of the school. School secretary makes plans for the overall development of the school. He/ She seek help and advice from the school management, principal, superintendent and even faculty members to make various improvisations in the school education system and other school activities.

School Secretary Job Duties

  • School Secretary is required to carry out various tasks as per the instructions given by the principal.
  • School Secretary assists in the maintenance of school premises.
  • School Secretary may also be involved in setting up various rules and regulations for the school.
  • School Secretary coordinates with the faculty members and other staff members to accomplish various tasks.
  • School Secretary assists in organizing various events in the school.
  • School Secretary needs to keep a check on any orders placed by the admin staff and see to it that the supplies received are accurate.
  • School Secretary needs to prepare reports on the school funds keying in details about the fund raised and spent.
  • School Secretary ensures that the students’ records are maintained.
  • School Secretary also plan fire and tornado drills and ensure that the students participate in the same.
  • School Secretary is also required to process the lunch tickets.
  • School Secretary needs to maintain the master school calendar.
  • School Secretary needs to maintain a record of the students who join the school as well as those who leave it.
  • School Secretary is required to ensure that the students’ details such as their phone number, address, etc are recorded.

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