School Director Job Duties

By | April 25, 2011

School Director Duties

The school director is the one responsible for the whole school. He oversees all the activities, people and places within and outside the school. He coordinates all people and makes sure that all the school rules, vision and mission are carried out the way they should be to make the school the best area conducive for both teaching and learning and safe and protected from any violence, drugs or early sex.

School Director Job Duties

  • Manage and lead school admissions process such as screening applicants according to set criteria and determine which students will be admitted..
  • Contact interested students who seek more information about what the school has to offer.
  • Recommend and develop marketing materials such as fliers, brochures and mailings.
  • Work with the deserving students financial aids programs such as scholarship programs.
  • Assist and help registrar duties to make sure that the students are properly entered into school’s system.
  • Recruit school staff
  • Manage the budget of the school department

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