School Counselor Job Duties

By | April 5, 2012

School Counsellors job duties include providing counselling to the students. Students discuss various issues with the school counsellors and seek their help and advice on handling them appropriately. A bachelor’s degree in psychology is essential in order to get into this position. A master’s degree in the same along with a relevant work experience is an added advantage.

School Counselor Job Duties

  • School Counsellors are responsible for designing counselling programs for the students.
  • School Counsellors use the counselling programs designed by them for helping the students.
  • School Counsellors provide group as well as individual counselling sessions.
  • School Counsellors may also provide counselling to the teachers who require help.
  • School Counsellors need to listen patiently to the students’ issues and figure out as to what all problems they are going through and then give them solutions accordingly.
  • School Counsellors may even give inputs while the curriculum is being prepared.
  • School Counsellors also speak to the students’ parents and advice them on how to take care of their children.
  • School Counsellors do not just speak to the students to provide them counselling but also discuss the students’ issues with their parents to give them advice on how to handle their children.
  • School Counsellors help the students in distress, especially during the examination time.
  • School Counsellors suggest as to which all activities the students should involve themselves into in order to enhance their personality.
  • School Counsellors maintain a record of the students they have counselled and also key in details about what all information or advice they have given them.

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