School Canteen Job Duties

By | April 25, 2011

School Canteen Duties

As for those who have finished at least the basic education, we all have a share of our school experiences and memories. Part of the school, and probably of our memories would be our times at the school canteen. The school canteen is the area that provides food and nourishment for all the students, faculty staff, visitors and other people at school. The school canteen should make sure that their food is safe and affordable to the school population.

School Canteen Job Duties

  • Provides Nutritious yet delicious food for the school person, staff, and teachers especially to the students.
  • Provides different menu from day to day.
  • Caters school functions and occasions such as teacher’s meeting, graduation, recognition and special occasions.
  • Ensures that all foods are cook properly, monitor the cooking area and ensures its cleanliness and orders.
  • Facilitates and implements seminars regarding right and proper diet to the students and school staff.
  • Ensures that all the students eat nutritious and right food especially when they are inside of the school premises.
  • Provides knowledge to the parents regarding the food which can be eaten by the students when they are inside the school.
  • Suggests ideas to the school administration regarding on how to ensure the health of the students and for them to have proper diet.

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