School Bus Driver Job Duties

By | January 3, 2012

A person who drives a school bus and picks up and drops off school going students is called a school bus driver. Any school bus driver must be an expert driver of a bus and must be a committed and safe driver as well. Any person having a bus driving license of the state and a good experience at driving buses can apply for the job of a school bus driver. Given below are a few of the job duties of any school bus driver.

School Bus Driver Job Duties:

  • The primary duty of a school bus driver is to make a list of all the students and teachers of a school who would be travelling in his bus. He must mark and addresses and stops of each of the passenger.
  • A school bus driver’s duty is to pick students up at an allotted time from their respective stops and leave them to the school safely. Similarly, after the school hours, the school bus driver must be present along with his bus for the pickup and drop off procedure again.
  • The safety of the students and teachers travelling in the school bus is the responsibility and duty of the school bus driver, hence he must be extremely careful about marking the presence or absence of each of the passengers and informing the parent’s of the student in case of any unexpected absence.
  • Another duty of a school bus driver is to ensure that the bus is operating perfectly at all times.

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